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AYSO Section 11
Game Scheduling and Referee System

About MatchTrak

What is MatchTrak?

MatchTrak is a game scheduling, standings and self-referee reservation system that was built exclusively for AYSO Section 1/11, Areas and Regons within.
Referees can login to ONE place and quickly find and reserve ALL their home-field games regardless if they are Section 11 Extra, Area Play or even internal Regional Play.

For cross regional support, referees can also reserve games outside of their region if that region allows it.

MatchTrak is currently used by Section 11 and 35+ regions within Section 11

Game Scheduling / Standings / Fields

Schedule - Easily Importable from Excel Files
Standings - Configurable scoring system
Teams - Profile, Schedule and Scores
Fields - Manageable and driven by Google Maps

Referee Self Assignment

Cross Circuit Reservations ( Extra, Area Play, Regional Play )
Cross Regional and Area Support & Coverage
Configurable Individual Restrictions by Division and Gender

Open Game Email Notifications

Games with open referee slots can be automatically emailed out to the home field regional referees

Integrated Match Reporting System

Automatically populates the game and referee details
Supports Injury, Cautions, Send Offs, Terminated Matches and Field Safety reports
Highly secure - Only the associated area and regional admins have access to them

Integrated Referee Mentor Review System

Designated referee mentors can submit a referee review form online

Administration - Gaming Circuit

Upload your Teams and Schedule from Excel Files
Edit, cancel, forfeit and postpone games - Refs, coaches and regions get emailed
Configure Email Notifications - Game Scheduling Changes
Configure your standings scoring system and score reporting password
Manage the contents of your circuit homepage

Administration - Regional

Configure Regional Email Notifications - Game Scheduling Changes, Match Reports
Setup and Customize your Regional Referee Point System and your team quotas
Manage your Region's Referees and their Restrictions
Send a customzied message to your referees that they see when they login

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to hear more!

Robert Dlugos

Server: Sinistar / Anonymous

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